Theological Cafés

Rev Cletus Dading, University of KwaZulu-Natal, "Doing sex and sexualities in the Lutheran Church in Nigeria in context of HIV"
Dr Herbert Moyo, University of KwaZulu-Natal, "ARV Treatment and the Church:  Solution or problem?"
Ms Elize Schroder, PhD student, Brazil, "HIV in Brazil"
Prof Beverley Haddad, University of KwaZulu-Natal, "20th International AIDS Conference, Melbourne: Challenges for Religion and Theology"
Prof Ezra Chitando, EHAIA and University of Zimbabwe "Masculinity and HIV"
Prof Graham C Lindegger, Dr Clinton Rautenbach & Ms Catherine Slack, HIV/AIDS Vaccines Ethics Group (HAVEG), UKZN "Ethical Issues in HIV Vaccine Trials"
Prof Sue Rakoczy, St Josephs’ Theological Institute “Spiritual direction and HIV and AIDS”
Mr Clifford Madondo, Sinomlando Centre, University of KwaZulu-Natal, "An emerging form of the church? Community-Based volunteers in HIV and AIDS work as a religious health asset."
Mr Albert Bangirana, PhD candidate, University of KwaZulu Natal, "HIV prevention in Latin America: an African
Prof Tabona Shoko, University of Zimbabwe, “The paradox of disclosure of HIV status: The case of the ZNNP+” SRPC Postgraduate Students, University of KwaZulu-Natal, “African Instituted Churches (AIC) /New Religious Movements (NRM): A challenge or solution to issues of health and HIV?”
Lyn van Rooyen, CABSA, “Church responding to HIV in 2013: Competent or Complacent?”

Pastor Akona Ntsaluba, Gay and Lesbian Network, Pietermaritzburg, “Dialoguing with the church on HIV: Gay and lesbian perspectives."
Dr Roderick Hewitt and Dr Gosnell Yorke, UKZN, “HIV, Caribbean masculinities, and social change."
Dr Deborah Mindry, University of California, Berkeley, “Ethical debates regarding fertility options for people living with HIV: Reflections on research in South Africa, Malawi and the USA.”
Prof Sue Rakoczy, UKZN, "Reflections on the AIDS Faith Pre-Conference,Washington DC."
Ms Bongi Zengele, Ujamaa Centre, UKZN, “Children’s theology in the context of HIV.”
Dr Gillian Paterson, Heythrop College, London, “Why AIDS changes the way we do theology.”
Prof Linda Woodhead, Lancaster University, “Religion and healthcare: The shifting relationship.”
Dr Ronald Lalthanmawia, Christian Medical Association of India, “HIV and AIDS care and support in India: A challenge to the church.”
Prof Cheryl Anderson, Garrett Evangelical Seminary, USA, “The use of contextual Bible study in dealing with HIV.”
Rev JP Mokgethi-Heath, Director, +INERELA, “HIV: Virus or vulnerability?”
Rev James Matarazzo, HARC administrator, “People’s stories of HIV and faith: El Salvador, Yemen and Zimbabwe.”
Dr Jill Olivier, Research Director, IRHAP, “What (statistics) can we believe about faith-based healthcare?”

Dr Mark Epprecht, Queens University, Canada “Homosexuality and HIV in Africa: The forgotten epidemic."
Dr Beverley Haddad, UKZN, “Rights here; rights now! Report back on the XVIII AIDS conference, Vienna."
Prof Cheryl Anderson, Garret-Evangelical Seminary, USA, “New Realities/new ways of reading the Bible: Another perspective on the Bible and HIV/AIDS.”
Rev JP Mokgethi-Heath, Director, +INERELA, “Faith, vulnerability and HIV.”
Dr Janet Frohlich, CAPRISA, “Combination HIV prevention: The future.”

Dr Johanna Sadgrove, Leeds University, England, “The kingdom culture is not the condom culture: Sex, Pentecostalism and HIV in Uganda.”

Prof Philippe Denis, UKZN, “Memory work and vulnerable children: The role of churches, NGO’s and international funding."
Ms Marian Loveday, Medical Research Council, “TB in the era of HIV: The challenges for religious reflection and engagement.”
HIV-U Team, University of Olso, Norway and California, USA, “HIV University: Developing an HIV positive curriculum.”
Rev Phumzile Zondi-Mabizela, KwaZulu Natal Christian Council, “From A.B.C to S.A.V.E changing discourse about HIV.”
Ms Ann Mary Gathigia, PACSA ”Churches as channels of hope in the context of HIV and AIDS."
Dr Beverley Haddad, UKZN, “XVII International AIDS conference Mexico: Universal action now! – Report back."