Strategic Location

CHART is located within the SRPC at UKZN. The School of Religion, Philosophy and Classics is a large and vibrant school in the Faculty of Humanities, Development and Social Sciences.

It includes strong departments of Biblical Studies, (Christian) Theological Studies and Religious Studies. The work in Religious Studies and the focus on Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and African Traditional Religions gives the School a unique role in inter-religious dialogue around religion, health, HIV and AIDS. It is home to four journals, two research units, and a number of internationally recognised researchers and theologians. It has a large post-graduate programme with over 200 students from all countries in sub Saharan Africa, giving it a feel of a vibrant Pan-African community. The School has strong links to local denominational training centres and globally with a range of seminaries and universities. Students come for training for ministry, church services, pastoral care, education, social needs and from faith-based organisations. Gender studies and training in Theology and Development are also a central focus. It has the potential of being a significant connection to faith based organisations throughout sub-Saharan Africa.